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  • How To Take A Selfie

    Welcome to the official start of my Younique blog! Here you will find makeup tutorials, product info, and words of encouragement! I have loved the journey thus far that Im having with Younique, and the clients are raving about my personal top seller, the 3D Fiber Lash mascara. There's nothing better than a customer coming back telling me their friends want to order too! Im so glad I made this decision to build a Younique business. 

    So to start off my blog, I thought it would be fun to write about selfies. Now Im personally not very good at taking selfies, but Im learning. And Im not one to blast them all over the internet. BUT I do like to take them when heck, NO ONE is around to take my pic. Or Im in front of something that's super cool that's Instagram worthy {that's a topic all of it's own}. But no, Im not the girl to take a gagillion selfies. 

    I however have to give credit to all those who can take a flattering selfie. It's an art of its own. I love Michelle Phan's youtube video of How To Take The Perfect Selfie. It's a great tutorial of how to angle, use lighting, and backdrop to your advantage. And what better time to take one than after you've completed your Younique look.  Check it out, start practicing, and show off those lashes!

    xoxo, Lisa